Making Addiction Recovery Last

Recovery from alcohol or drug addiction can be a difficult journey.  All too often it is characterized by relapse after relapse.  The result is discouragement, frustration, wasted lives and destroyed relationships. But I believe there are answers, and a better path.

As the President of a treatment facility that developed and tested new methods and approaches, I watched hundreds of people establish strong recoveries and get their lives back on track.  I also met many people who had been trying and failing to get clean and sober for years.  Unfortunately, I believe a great many treatment programs use old cookie-cutter approaches that fail to help these people establish the recovery they desperately seek.

I agree with the old axiom of AA that “nothing changes if nothing changes.”  The statement speaks to the importance of changing the way you live to maintain sobriety, and it also implies that you have the tools to do this.  And here lies the problem.  To overcome addiction you need a new set of tools that enable you to live a better, happier life without dependence on an addictive substance.  Interestingly, these are the same skills that most of us need: how do we establish healthy relationships, communicate better, establish strong boundaries, resolve conflict, and manage stress.  We discovered that by helping people establish a strong toolbox of life skills they were far better equipped to remain strong in recovery.

We are planning a “crash course” that will help people acquire the skills they need to have a strong recovery.  It will require a 7 day commitment, and participants must be at least 10 days clean when they arrive.  Because partners can also benefit from these skills, and usually have their own wounds to heal, they will be welcome.

Please send me a confidential email (Michael Campbell at if you are interested in learning more.  We don’t have a set date, but are looking to the fall of 2018.



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