The 3 Day Wedding

Many of us have been there.  You fly halfway across the country and arrive at a mad house.  No one has time to say more than “hello” and “glad you made it…can’t wait to catch up.”  Then you’re off to the ceremony, a crowded dinner, a few quick conversations, and it’s over.  As you travel home you remember the discussions that never occurred, feel more stressed than happy, and wish it had all been different!

There was a time when weddings were very different.  In the time of Jesus a wedding lasted 5-7 days.  Family and friends had a great time of sharing, singing and dancing. There was no rush.  A wedding was a celebration, a reunion, a vacation. (With this information, the story describing a wedding that ran out of wine is easier to understand!)

So why not create at least a 3 day wedding, rather than the North American average of 6-8 hours.  Choose a location where family and friends can have quality time together.  Give the bride and groom the opportunity to truly interact with their guests.  Create time to share, play and rejoice together.  What better way to start a life together than in an experience of community with family and friends.

The best wedding I ever attended was not the one that broke the bank (and I have been to several of those).  This one was hosted by a retreat centre and the guests began to arrive several days before the wedding ceremony.  There was a welcome party that broke the ice and brought family and friends together from both sides.  The next day was filled with fun events, some people went golfing, some fished, and there was yoga and massages and hanging out with people I hadn’t seen for years.  We spent hours around a campfire that night and everyone was in a good place when we woke to prepare for the big day (but not before the bride took the ladies for a hike and the groom led a group of joggers). After two days of bonding, the ceremony, reception, dancing, and late-night chatter had an ambiance that I have trouble describing.  At the farewell brunch the next day, people described the wedding as magical, not because of the decorations or the expensive flowers and dresses, but because of how we all felt.

From this experience, we created the 3 day wedding package for Dominion Hill.  Combining a reunion, time for play, and a ceremony into one special event delivers a wedding that is truly awesome.  Don’t settle for the “rush” wedding, take time to experience the fellowship of friends and families that makes life rich beyond measure.

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