Hot Tub Booking

Hot Tub

Confirmed hotel guests can reserve a private hot tub time on each day of their visit to Dominion Hill. Hot tub sessions are for 1 hour. Additional sessions can be added on the day of arrival, subject to availability.  There are two hot tubs (called 1 & 2) located just beyond the registration parking area. 

Rules & cautions: towels are provided, showering before entering the hot tub is encouraged, pregnant women and anyone using alcohol, medications or drugs may be at serious risk in a hot tub, children under 16 cannot be in the hot tub without an adult, medical experts recommend no more than 30 minutes in a hot tub at 104◦.  Please have no music or loud voices after 9 pm — sound carries very long distances at night!


Booking for Hot Tub 1


Booking for Hot Tub 2