Dining should be a special experience

Every Friday and Saturday, Dominion Hill is pleased to offer an evening meal in the Manor House dining room. The menu for the month is carefully crafted with select produce, meats, and seafood.  Our goal is to provide an experience to be savored.

All dinners are comprised of four courses that will appeal to your senses of sight, smell and taste. They are presented in a tradition of fine dining with bar service available.  The preparation and presentation of these meals is the highlight of Chef Trent’s week.

Reservations are required — with 24 hours’ notice whenever possible.  Please advise us of any food allergies and we will adjust our recipes as necessary. Dinner parties are welcome.  Groups of 6 or more can be accommodated on other nights of the week.

The restaurant also provides a breakfast buffet for our over-night guests.

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March-April Menu

Prix Fixe Menu  $38.50                 Four course fine dining



Deviled eggs

Avocado cream and prosciutto

The mirrored image

Seared scallop and fondant potato

Lemongrass shrimp skewers

Citrus flavored broiled shrimp


 Soups & Salads

Greek salad

English cucumber, red onion, cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, bell peppers, crumpled feta and house made vinaigrette.

Potato leek soup

Russet potatoes, leeks, chicken stock and heavy cream



Seafood casserole au gratin

Repeated layers of rich cheese sauce, thinly sliced russet potatoes, Bay of Fundy seafood topped with house made seasoned panko

 Chicken pesto pasta

House made pesto, sliced chicken breast and penne pasta

AAA beef tips

Onions, peppers, mushrooms, garlic mashed potatoes, maple glazed carrots, sugar snap peas, in a rich beef gravy.



Dominion Hill Signature Dessert

House made sweet tea biscuit, mixed berry compote, French vanilla ice cream with crumble topping

Apple pie in a mason jar

Grandma’s apple pie baked in a mason jar and topped with ice cream and choke cherry coulis

Lava cakes du jour

Chef inspired lava cake options may include, peanut butter, raspberry, white chocolate and dulce de leche.


Tea, Coffee, Bar Service available