with Dominion Hill

Charlotte County has many not-for-profit organizations that are doing great work, but need help raising funds, building community awareness, and providing public education.  Dominion Hill wants to help.  We have the facilities, staffing, and expertise to design and implement a wide range of events that can help your organization achieve its objectives.  Our year-round facility can accommodate groups as large as 140, provide full catering services, help plan your event, arrange entertainment, and offer marketing and sales support.  As our contribution to the community, we discount our rates, and keep costs low to maximize your financial benefit. 

What we offer:

Great Venue.  Our century-old barn is a warm and charming environment for parties, dinner theatre, concerts, game nights, seminars and presentations.  Everything is provided by Dominion Hill – from furniture and linens to decorations and a state-of-the art sound/video system.

Food Service. Whether the event calls for a cocktail party, an evening of fine dining, or coffee and snacks, the Chefs at Dominion Hill are ready to meet the challenge.  We also have a full bar and the trained staff, licenses and insurance to operate our catering services at Dominion Hill and throughout Charlotte County.

Planning & Organization. Our team is ready to help you organize a successful event.  We can follow your lead, or design a complete program for your review.  Whether your goal is a night of entertainment, a serious educational program, or a variety of games that generate revenues, we have the experience and passion to make the event a success.

Marketing & Sales.  We invest in your endevour. Our staff will assist in marketing, we can take reservations and sell tickets, and use our online resources and payment systems to make the business aspects of your program stress free.  

Discounts and Availability.  When we work with not-for-profit groups we discount our services and look for ways to minimize your costs.  Dominion Hill is a busy place, but strive to find available dates in every month — and season — to help our community.

Experience. Dominion Hill’s owner, Michael Campbell, has been organizing awareness programs and fundraising events for more than 40 years.  From Special Olympics to addiction treatment, neighbourhood poverty to an international refugee crisis, he has raised millions of dollars and communicated important community messages throughout Canada and worldwide.

If your organization or cause needs some help, remember that Dominion Hill is ready to be a partner in your cause.  Please contact us to learn more.  Michael Campbell, 506-874-7365 or