Pet Friendly Hotel Accommodations

Dominion Hill has pet-friendly hotel accommodations and we love to meet your furry friends.

Our 3 cottage rooms (Lupine, Harbour and Campobello) welcome pets of all sizes, and the lawns and trails provide lots of opportunities for exercise.  The neighbouring towns are also pet-friendly, and it is rare to walk down a street in St. Andrews, NB and not see a waging tail. Many of the St. Andrews restaurants welcome dogs in their outdoor dining areas.

Our pet friendly hotel rooms can be equipped with a dog bed and water bowl, and extra treats can always be found in the office. The country road leading to Dominion Hill offers a quiet walk to the waterfall.  You can also select one of the trails that wander through the pine woods. A map is available of the many walking trails and beaches in Charlotte County that are also pet friendly.

Over the years we have learned a few tips that will help you and your best friend have a special, pet friendly trip.

  • Don’t forget your leash.  Even the best trained dog can become frightened by new people, noises and strange surroundings.  
  • If your dog is affected by travel and change, provide a light meal 2-3 hours before a long drive and offer ice cubes rather than water.  Heavy eating and drinking can lead to problems!
  • If you are crossing the US-Canadian border, remember to bring proof of vaccination.  It may be requested by the border agents.
  • Consider putting a luggage tag on your dog’s collar with your name and phone number.  This is speed up finding you if your pet gets wanderlust.

We hope to see you at our pet friendly hotel that is a short drive from St. Andrews, St. Stephen and St. George, New Brunswick.

Room & Amenities

  • Pet Friendly
  • Free Wifi
  • Satellite TV
  • Air Conditioning
  • Wellness Center
  • Meeting Room
  • Hot Tub
  • Bar services


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