Why is glamping in New Brunswick so popular?

A few years ago “glamping” was a new word that required an explanation.  Today it is recognized as a rapidly expanding form of leisure accommodation that is happening around the globe.  Why the sudden interest?  Why is glamping attracting guests of all ages and backgrounds?

Perhaps the simplest reason is that glamping meets several growing needs — right in the middle. More and more people want to explore the outdoors, experience nature, and the wonderous world around them.  At the same time, they do not want to leave behind all of the comforts that we enjoy.  Additionally, in recognition of our busy lives, the time and hassle of packing up lots of gear and setting it up on arrival is done for you. Glamping – glamorous camping – offers an experience close to nature with luxury and convenience.

With the routine of our daily life, we search for some adventure that is out of the ordinary. Spending the night in a safari tent, sitting by a fire with a canopy of stars above you, soaking in a hot tub that is surrounded by a forest, provides a special experience that creates lasting memories.  Few activities help strip away stress more quickly than spending time surrounded by the sights, sounds and smells of nature.

While we may think of glamping as a new phenomenon, its origins can be traced to the 16th century.  Each summer the kings and lords of England would erect hundreds of tents in the countryside and fill them with the furniture and carpets from their castles (along with a bevy of servants).  These traditions spread to other regions when the royalty of Europe traveled to distant lands.  Fortunately, glamping today is less extravagant, and the cost far more reasonable!

We encourage you to go glamping in New Brunswick – regardless of your age or previous camping experience.  You will find the accommodations comfortable, the conveniences of home, and the beauty and peace of nature in abundance.

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