Tell us your Story

Storytelling is the basis for almost everything we do.  It is a universal human trait that starts in childhood and never ends.  Every culture, from the most ancient times up to today, has used storytelling as the most powerful tool of communication.  With stories we entertain, share our history and culture, teach, learn, persuade and dream.  It has been called our greatest technology.  Through stories, which all humans crave, we live in the present and envision the future.

Because storytelling is so important, we want to encourage everyone to participate and strive to become ever better storytellers.  We encourage you to share your stories with others by posting them at the link below.  Each month we will select 2 winners for gift certificates or a free weekend for two.  The rules are simple:  A. Stories should be between 500 and 5000 words. B). The content and language should be appropriate for all readers. C). the message must respect people of all races, religions, cultures and sexual orientation.

So get writing and submit your story.

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