Story Policies

The following rules will govern the storytelling contest offered by Dominion Hill.

  1. An eligible entry will be a story submission that meets the guidelines for content and quality: the language used will not be offensive to other readers; the subject material will be of general interest; the language and message will not discriminate or be derogatory toward peoples of any religion, culture, ethnic background or sexual orientation.
  2. By submitting a story, the sender confirms that it is their original work and that there are no restrictions or contractual agreements that would prevent it from being published by Dominion Hill.
  3. The entries for each month will be entered into a draw for a gift certificate from Dominion Hill valued at not less than $100.
  4.  Stories deemed by the contest judge, to be of particular merit will be awarded a greater prize of a deluxe two night package at Dominion Hill. The number of prizes of this value awarded each year will not exceed 12.