Michael Campbell, Owner and Innkeeper

Dominion Hill is owned and operated by Michael Campbell, Owner and Innkeeper. Michael and Jenny have owned and managed inns, spas, addiction treatment facilities, retreat centres and businesses in Canada and the US. Focusing their energies on helping people heal and grow, some of the special health, training and recovery programs they developed will be available at Dominion Hill. Jenny and Michael have graduate degrees and are authors, teachers and speakers.

Michael’s parents met at the Algonquin Hotel in St. Andrews, where they were working for the summer in 1948. Returning to the east coast has been a long-time dream that became reality. While they have lived in many places, and visited most of the world, Michael and Jenny are happiest along the rugged shores and with the resilient people of the Bay of Fundy and Coast of Maine.

The family’s Mission for Dominion Hill is to promote meaningful connections, sharing, and experiences that will enrich lives and build stronger relationships, contributing to joyful living – une vie joyeuse. This is a continuation of their life’s work that has always sought to make this world a better place.

Eldest son Matthew Campbell was trained in the theatre. A former resident of Charlottetown, he spent seven years acting, singing, and as a music director in their summer festival. He is presently back at university, preparing to be a teacher.

Younger son Trevor holds a graduate degree in design and speaks French and Japanese. He is presently living in Tokyo directing the English language programs on Peace Boat, a non-profit organization offering peace and sustainability education as it cruses the world.

Daughter Lauren holds a PhD in Chemistry and a Masters Degree in sustainable forest management. She is a researcher at the University of Oregon and an avid mountain climber and marathon runner.