Better Living Toolbox

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Better Living Toolbox

The Directors of Better Living Toolbox have offered hundreds of retreats, presentations, and courses over the past 30 years.  The content of each program has been thoroughly researched and is constantly updated with the latest information.  Our goal is to help participants obtain the best possible outcomes for personal growth, health and healing.

Topics are presented as speeches (30-60 minutes), seminars (2-3 hours), workshops (1 day), and retreats (usually 2-3 days).  Customized programs and additional topics can be developed.  The fees charged are adjusted for organizations based on size and resources.  Public education programs are often offered at no cost.

Program leader Michael Campbell MS, APR (Former CEO, healthcare executive, professor) works with a team of professionals who have exceptional qualifications.

Many programs are offered in conjunction with Dominion Hill, an historic estate near St. Andrews-by-the-Sea, New Brunswick.  

Personal Growth

  1. Improve your relationships. A compendium of information that enables people to build stronger relationships with less conflict and more joy.
  2. Critical Life Skills. Achieving greater mastery of those skills that are critical in life: establishing true intimacy, communications, decision making, problem solving, conflict resolution.
  3. Learning to Forgive. Moving beyond the hurt to suffer less and find personal peace.
  4. Coping with grief. Addressing emotional suffering and exploring the paths that leads to acceptance and healing.
  5. Managing stress.Understanding your personal sources of stress and identifying the “toolbox of activities” that will help you reduce and better manage your stress.
  6. Living with our emotions. Accepting the power of emotions and learning how to manage their power so that they do not run – or ruin — your life.
  7. Healing our brokenness.Addressing the ways in which we are broken and hurting, considering the paths to healing and happiness.
  8. Living a healthy lifestyle.The many ways in which we can be healthier, happier, and best able to enjoy all that life has to offer.

Work Life


  1. Positive Workplace DNA. Establishing the policies and practices that create the jobs people want to have, and the organizations that will succeed.
  2. Business ethics. Defining the principles that create the workplace – and organization –for which you can be proud.
  3. Getting it done. Workplace practices that can make anyone – and everyone — more productive.


  1. Why is it so hard to stop? An understanding of addiction and the reasons why recovery is a hard and challenging journey.
  2. Relapse prevention. The practices of recovery for addicts and alcoholics that help them maintain sobriety.
  3. Overcoming addiction. The process of healing from addiction – addressing the mind, emotions, body, spirit, and environments in which you live.

Dedicated Support Team

Dominion Hill is focused only on you and your guests, providing a great location and quality service.