Cyrus Curtis Private Yacht

Dominion hill has a long history linked to the origins of St. Andrews and the popularity of the region as a tourist destination.  The Inn began as a farmhouse in the 1870s.  In the 1920s it was acquired by one of America’s wealthiest men.  Cyrus Curtis was a businessman and philanthropist, who was best known as the owner of the Saturday Evening Post and the Ladies’ Home Journal. He expanded Dominion Hill, adding or renovating many buildings, including the Manor House, Carriage House, and blacksmith shop that are in use today.

The property was sold after the Second World War to General James Van Fleet.  A four-star general, Van Fleet was one of the most decorated officers in the US Army.  He was a commander in the first, second and Korean War, which he is credited as bringing to an end. A soldier, diplomat, author, football coach, and rancher, President Harry Truman described him as “the greatest general we have ever had.”

The property fell into disrepair after the death of General Van Fleet until restoration began in the late 1990s.  In the more recent past, Dominion Hill has served as a restaurant, and then a retreat centre, until acquired by the Campbell family in 2017.

General James Van Fleet